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Ser la compañía preferida de tan impresionante cartera de clientes demuestra nuestra habilidad para construir relaciones - y más importante aún - mantenerlas. Estamos orgullosos de nuestra lista de clientes. No es únicamente el reflejo de nuestro éxito, sino también nuestra filosofía.
Flipping book functionality

Web Site Functionality:
Registered users upload images of their illustrated stories, the system automatically converts those still images into a flipping story book that can be commented, rated, recommended, added to the user's library and much more.

Administrative Interface:
The administrator controls the whole site's content. Through this interface the administrator can publish/unpublish, modify, edit and change users, permisions, stories, forum postings, ad banners, etc.

Reporting Engine:
The robust reporting engine provides real time statistics on visitors, pages viewed, time spent on each page, key words used to find the site, country, region and city of users, operative sistems, browsers, etc.